Vogelvlei Yacht Club welcomes new sailors and members.


If you would like to join, please complete the following two forms:

Vogelvlei Yacht Club Membership Form

Vogelvlei Yacht Club Rates and Membership Ts and Cs 2017-2018


Current membership rates:

Once-off application fee: R 700
SAS Levy

per annum

Family R 606
Single R 403
Country R 162
Student (Tertiary) R 123
Student (School) R 82
Youth (Under 19) R 203
Membership Subscriptions

per annum

Family R 1240
Single R 635
Country R 530
Student/Junior R 200
Discounts A 20% discount (on subscription only) is available to pensioners over 65 years, on written request to secretary@vyc.co.za
Caravan sites and boat sheds Caravan site R 2885
Boat shed single R 600
Boat shed double R 1200
Boat shed optimist R 130
Boat park R 380
Youth (Under 19) R 203
Note on caravan sites By written application only after acceptance and applications for caravan sites will only be accepted after being a member for six (6) months or more.
Security levy R 300 per annum

Excluding students and country members

Visitors camping fees Day visitors Free
Overnight visitor, 19 years and over R 50 per night
Overnight visitor, 5-18 years R 20 per night